CHEST Challenge Championship 2023

See the exciting introduction to the 2023 CHEST Challenge Championship, live from Hawaiʻi, featuring competitors from UTHealth Houston, University of Oklahoma, and University of Southern California.

Each year, the live championship game opens with a brief video montage that celebrates the fellows and host city. Fellows are instructed to submit certain poses but never know the theme or context until shown that night.

Thank you to Bill Kelly, MD, FCCP, for creating this video.

1st Place: UTHealth Houston
Khalid Mohamed Ahmed, MBBS
Maria Azhar, MD
Saad Farooq, MD
Program Director: Mark Warner, MD, FCCP

2nd Place: University of Oklahoma
Hiba Altaq Hammad, MD
Abdullah Jahangir, MD
Shiwani Kamath, MD
Program Director: Houssein A. Youness, MD

3rd Place: University of Southern California
Navneet Kaur, MD
Linda Vien, MD
Mishaal Talish, MBBS
Program Director: May Lee, MD, FCCP



UTHealth Houston


University of Oklahoma


University of Southern California