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CHEST SEEK LibraryCHEST SEEK™ is a case-based question and answer product that helps you prepare for certification and recertification examinations. Refresh your core knowledge in pulmonary, pediatric pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine.

The CHEST SEEK Library can be accessed via the CHEST App™ and Web browser. Questions from the 10 most recent editions are available via various 1-year subscriptions. 

  • NEW! CHEST SEEK Critical Care Medicine: 26th Edition
  • CHEST SEEK Pulmonary Medicine: 25th Edition
  • CHEST SEEK Critical Care Medicine: 24th Edition
  • ACCP-SEEK Volume XXIII: Pulmonary Medicine
  • ACCP-SEEK Volume XXII: Critical Care Medicine
  • CHEST SEEK Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine: 1st Edition​
  • ACCP-SEEK Volume XXI: Pulmonary Medicine
  • CHEST SEEK Sleep Medicine: 4th Edition
  • ACCP-SEEK Sleep Medicine: Second Edition
  • ACCP-SEEK Sleep Medicine: Third Edition

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