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In brief: what’s new and notable in thoracic oncology

Explore new and notable updates in thoracic oncology, including research into the value of shared decision-making during lung cancer screening, strategies to prevent atelectasis during bronchoscopy, and bleeding risk associated with intrapleural therapy in patients with pleural infection. Review the latest guideline updates shared at CHEST 2022, learn more about mitigating e-cigarette use among young adults, and get more details about simulation courses relevant to your thoracic oncology practice in 2023.


Thoracic oncology resources for patients and clinicians

Clinician education resources to explore


Lung cancer: Sessions from CHEST 2022

Take a deep dive into lung cancer diagnosis, management, and treatment with this curated list of relevant session recordings from CHEST 2022.

Lung cancer screening

Lung Cancer Screening and Treatment of Early Stage

Review current guidelines in lung cancer screening and treatment—and hear personal experiences from experts in the field—in this webinar recording.

Game of Nodules

Game of Nodules

Test your knowledge by facing multiple levels of challenging clinical questions about treating patients with lung nodules in this interactive game.

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Exploring ENB and Fiber-Optic Shape-Sensing Technologies

The area of bronchoscopy is continuously evolving. As use of the procedure increases, it’s important for clinicians across more specialties to stay abreast of changes and build their knowledge of bronchoscopy. This bite-sized video reviews two important bronchoscopic options: electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy (ENB) and shape-sensing robotic-assisted bronchoscopy (SSRAB). Learn more about key considerations for the use of ENB and SSRAB, the unique functionality offered by fiber-optic shape-sensing technology, and recent data on both procedures.


This video was developed in collaboration with Intuitive.

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Thoracic oncology news and notes

Follow the latest thoracic oncology news


Physicians encouraged to help fight e-cigarette epidemic among young adults
Review recent information on e-cigarette use among young adults, including recommendations to improve cessation, help encourage greater health equity by mitigating disparities in use, and get involved with the fight against smoking.

Experts share latest updates in lung cancer screening guidelines
Explore recent updates to the US Preventive Services Task Force lung cancer screening guidelines shared during CHEST 2022, and review how the changes may help reduce historic health care disparities.


Pulmonology Data Trends 2022
Get quick-hit overviews of the latest data on a wide variety of important topics in pulmonary medicine with infographics developed by leaders in the field.


What is comprehensive biomarker testing and who should order it?
As treatments have evolved, what comprises comprehensive biomarker testing has also changed. Read this review of the latest data and recommendations for testing.

Mind the gap: Improving adherence to lung cancer screening follow-up
Lung cancer screening is shown to improve outcomes, but adherence with follow-up is often poor. Review details about this gap and recommendations for improving adherence.


Screening for Lung Cancer: CHEST Guideline and Expert Panel Report
Read the latest recommendations on lung cancer screening, including updates on the benefits, harms, and implementation of low-dose chest CT screening.

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